15:90-91 [For, thou art the bearer of a divine writ ] such as We have bestowed from on high upon those who [afterwards] broke it up into parts, [and] who [now] declare this Qur'an to be [a tissue of] falsehoods!
Muhammad Asad (The Message Of Quran)
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17:46 And we place shields over their hearts, that they should not understand it, and a deafness in their ears. And if you mention your Lord in the Qur'an alone, they run away turning their backs in aversion.
17:47 We are fully aware of what they are listening to, for they are listening to you but while they are in counsel the wicked say: "You are but following a man bewitched!"
17:48 See how they put forth the examples for you. They have gone astray, and cannot come to the path.
17:49 And they said: "When we are bones and fragments, will we then be resurrected to a new creation?"
17:50 Say: "Even if you be stones or metal."
17:51 "Or a creation that is held dear in your chests." They will say: "Who will return us?" Say: "The One who initiated you the first time." They will shake their heads to you and say: "When is this?" Say: "Perhaps it is near."
17:52 The Day He calls you and you respond by His grace, and you think that you only stayed a little while.
17:53 And say to My servants to speak that which is best. The devil plants animosity between them. The devil was to mankind a clear enemy.
17:54 Your Lord is fully aware of you, if He wishes He will have mercy on you, or if He wishes He will punish you. And We have not sent you as a guardian over them.
17:55 And your Lord is fully aware of who is in the heavens and the Earth. And We have preferred some prophets over others, and We gave David the Psalms.
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